20th Century History on Film

Cinema has repeatedly reflected and represented the turbulent history of the twentieth century in Europe. Ten important events and films have been selected from the 20th century Georgian, Italian, British and Serbian history. These films will allow you to discuss the events of the decade and the topics associated with that decade for each decade you will find a video lesson, archive materials, interesting photos and video recourses which we hope will support your learning.

History of Cinema

Cinematography, as an art form, was established in 20th century. On this platform you will be introduced to the history of Georgian, Italian, British and Serbian cinema. Tailor-made video lessons for each decade of the 20th century will give you an insight into the development of the art of film within each country. You will have the chance to test yourself through a variety of exercises and quizzes which we hope will expand your knowledge and understanding of films in each decade.