Innocence without protection

Film Description

  • Year: 1943
  • Length: 45 Minutes
  • Country: Serbia
  • Genre: Feature film
  • Director: Dragoljub Aleksić
  • Producer: Dragoljub Aleksić, Ivan Živković
  • Screenwriter: Dragoljub Aleksić
  • Cinematographer: Stevan Mišković
  • Cast: Ana Milosavljević, Dragoljub Aleksić, Bratoljub Gligorijević

First Yugoslav / Serbian sound feature film is about a beautiful and poor girl, in love with an acrobat, whom a cruel stepmother wants to separate from her beloved and marry a corrupt, old gentleman. At the last moment, out of a debauched embrace, Dragoljub Aleksić frees the girl and, with the help of his acrobatic skills, escapes with her through the window.