Saturday evening

Film Description

  • Year: 1957
  • Length: 91 Minutes
  • Country: Serbia
  • Genre: Feature film
  • Director: Vladimir Pogačić
  • Producer: Avala film
  • Screenwriter: Dragoslav Ilić
  • Cinematographer: Aleksandar Sekulović
  • Cast: Radmila Andrić / Zoran Stojiljković / Sima Janićijević

An omnibus film with three stories:First story: In wind - Two young people have a housing problem that makes their relationship more difficult and only when the older one understand what it is about, the problem is solved.Second  story: The Doctor - An eternally lonely passionate boxing fan, called the Doctor, is left alone even when his boxing favorite is celebrated.Third story: He plays great jazz - The young man does not dare to approach a girl he likes and suffers because of it.