The Elusive Summer of '68

Film Description

  • Year: 1984
  • Length: 91 Minutes
  • Country: Serbia
  • Genre: Feature film
  • Director: Goran Paskaljević
  • Producer: Centar film
  • Screenwriter: Gordan Mihić
  • Cinematographer: Aleksandar Petković
  • Cast: Slavko Štimac / Danilo Bata Stojković / Mira Banjac

In the summer of 1968, high school graduate Petar grew up to fall in love, falling in love alternately and simultaneously with several women, mostly mature and married. The need to finally find the "woman of his life" brings Peter into a series of delicate and comic situations and drives his father crazy. When he finally finds true, great love, due to current sociall events, romance is interrupted.