Winter In Jakobsfeld

Film Description

  • Year: 1975
  • Length: 108 Minutes
  • Country: Serbia
  • Genre: Feature film
  • Director: Branko Bauer
  • Producer: Avala film / Neoplanta film / Televizija Beograd
  • Screenwriter: Arsen Diklić / Branko Bauer
  • Cinematographer: Branko Blažina
  • Cast: Slavko Štimac / Slobodan Perović / Svetislav Goncić

Two boys were sent from the partisan detachment to the village due to a strong winter. One fell ill along the way and the other goes to a nearby German village where he managed to get a job as a servant. At night, he secretly takes care of another boy hidden in a nearby swamp, only to finally hide him in the owner's barn. Wintering lasts until an illegal liberation organization discovers them and takes them out of the village.