Film Description

  • Year: 1917
  • Length: 50 Minutes
  • Country: Georgia
  • Genre: Feature, Drama.
  • Director: Aleksandre Tsutsunava, Germane Gogitidze.
  • Screenwriter: Egnate Ninoshvili (novel) Aleksandre Tsutsunava
  • Cinematographer: Aleksandre Shugermani, Aleksandre Digmelovi
  • Cast: Abelishvili, Giorgi Pronispireli, Vaso Arabidze, Sopio Kipshidze, Margarita Gogolishvili, Tsetsilia Tsutsunava

Destiny of a poor unhappy woman in pre-revolution Georgia. Qristine, young daughter of a poor farmer becomes a victim of sexually frustrated nobleman Iason Uqmadze. Qristine becomes pregnant and gets a child. Unhappy girl can't live any more in small village where everyone blames only her. She leaves her child and goes to the city. Here Christine befriends Sona, her alleged well-wisher in hope to start her life anew. Instead of helping her, as promised, Sona takes Christine to the brothel…